Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Scoreboard

There are times when I feel like CF has made choices for me instead of me making my own decisions. When this happens, I am not a happy camper.

Going to concerts is something James and I absolutely love to do. It connects us. It makes us happy. It’s the way we have a fun. So naturally I get a little pissy when my CF prevents me from going to a show.

There have been four amazing shows that I couldn’t attend because my health was just not cooperating! Last October I was in hospital on IV antibiotics but still determined to go to a show James and I had bought tickets for months before. Not only that, we were going with friends that I rarely get to see and who I miss all the time.

What happens? I got a fever (of course) and the docs were not comfortable with me leaving the hospital. I get it. It’s for my own good. There are clearly much bigger problems in the world. What am I complaining about?? There will be other concerts and I’ll see my amazing friends another time. But when the resident says, “maybe you could just listen to the music on your ipod instead”, it just ticks me off even more. Thanks so much Mister Resident man but James and I both know that listening to live music is WAY better than listening to music through head phones. Thanks for the tip though.

Anyway a couple weeks ago, I had a not so great clinic visit resulting in the need to go on IV antibiotics again. Okay. No problem. I’ve been through this tons of times and I’d much rather go through two weeks of IV antibiotics than continue to cough and feel breathless. But, when I looked at the calendar and saw that my IV course was going to coincide with an upcoming show that James and I had tickets for, I thought to myself - I can’t miss another show because I’m on IV! So, I decided I was going. Yes I am, with or without my IV supplies. I…. Am…. Going…. The weekend arrived and doubts began to drift in my head when I got a fever and felt like absolute crap. But luckily, I started to feel a bit better by Monday and found my determination start to build again.

So off I went the night of the concert, IV pole and supplies in hand, to a show that I quite simply was not going to miss out on because of another lung infection. So, giddyup.

While I waited next to my IV pole for James to park the car, I received some of the strangest looks I’ve ever experienced. People wondering: Why I brought a coat rack to downtown Vancouver? Shouldn’t I be in the hospital? What kind of crazy person was I? But really, the show was so worth it. Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) played an acoustic set and was wonderful. He has one of my very favorite voices, next to Dallas Green, Justin Vernon, Afie Jurvanen, Chelsea Wakelyn, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Natalie Maines, Allison Crowe, Whitney Sloan and of course, James Wood. His voice is the kind that reaches out and coats your soul with smooth smooth comfort and delight. He makes every note count and he warbles in such an unpretentious way. Plus, he ain’t bad to look at either. (Cheesy wink placed here).

The stage was outrageous. Fully equipped with a coat rack, a side table with 2 wine glasses and a bottle of red wine, an apparatus that produced some sort of, I’m guessing, aromatherapy mist (?), a bunny, along with the usual music paraphernalia. This guy had such great stage presence. He was intellectually facetious, calm, poised, and comical (very comical actually, which was revealed by a question and answer period with the audience, wacky banter between songs and an iphone bit where he stood behind a life size iphone screen to evidently help us be more in the moment… you had to be there I guess). He sang honestly and soulfully using his clever and satirical lyrics giving the audience pure enjoyment.

James and I had an absolutely amazing time despite the strange looks, odd comments and confused fellow audience members.
Kim 1, CF 0. A story to remember.