Monday, February 21, 2011


Over the past few weeks I’ve been tempted to slap myself silly on several occasions. Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to a fundraiser concert that honoured Eva Markvoort and raised funds for CF. Eva had CF and received a lung transplant back in 2007. This process was brilliantly captured through the truly amazing documentary, “65_RedRoses” which has been hugely successful.  Sadly Eva died from chronic rejection last March. The concert was absolutely incredible and inspiring. There was so much love in the room you could practically feel it coursing through your veins. It was unbelievable. Although I only had a few encounters with Eva in the halls of Children’s Hospital back when we were kids and St. Paul’s Hospital as we both waited for our noses to be flushed out… I grew to know that she was a person that appreciated the finest things in life like feeling the wind on your face on a sunny day while gazing at the beautiful mountains that BC is known for.  She influenced millions of people and that concert was a perfect example of the legacy that she has left behind. Being there reminded me how important it is to grab life by the balls and do the things that you want to do because it can be snatched away from you so fast! I mean snap out of it Kim!!! Since when are you so negative! Since when have you allowed CF or diabetes control you! I've been lucky enough to have been able to accomplish the goals that I had set for myself so why stop now. When you’re surrounded by unconditional love and support by family and friends it’s almost impossible not to succeed. After my last post I was blown away by the support that I received from friends that I hadn’t seen in years. Not only has my family reassured me that they will be by my side through every bump in the road (as they always have) but people who I work with, friends who I rarely see have offered their support as well. I’m completely astounded at the support I’ve received. I feel so fortunate to first of all, have lived long enough and to have stayed healthy enough to achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself. CF care has come a long way but obviously not far enough. There are still so many people that don’t have the chance to fulfill their dreams. I still have that chance. And I’m so thankful that I do. So thank you to everyone who has reached out his or her hand to offer support. Thank you doesn’t even graze the surface of my gratitude. Today I leave you with these words. A little reminder to appreciate what you have. Smile, Laugh, Live, Breathe, Dance, Dream and most of all LOVE. As Eva always said... Love, Love, Love.